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Onboarding Updates

Please join us in welcoming these new brokerages, brokers, and leadership team members to the Pineapple family!



New Leadership Team Members

Jaimie Lewis
Content Writer

My name is Jaimie Lewis and I am a new member of Pineapple, I will be joining the team as the Content Writer. I am a recent graduate from York University with a degree in English. I studied at York for three years and had previously gone to George Brown for two years, where I was enrolled in the Arts and Science program.

I look forward to gaining new skills and knowledge through my position in Pineapple that I will be able to use in my everyday life.  For the last few years, I have been employed in the service industry as a hostess and server, where I was able to develop stronger communication and time-management skills.

Outside of work and school, I enjoy fitness-related activities such as going to the gym, hiking, bike riding, etc. I am also a bit of a foodie so trying different cuisines and restaurants around Toronto is a must and something I enjoy outside of professional settings.

Stefan Martinuzzi
Graphic Designer

I’m a Graphic Designer born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. I went to Seneca College, where I graduated from the Digital Media and Graphic Design programs.

I have an affinity for visual design and I’m dedicated to making them appealing and purposeful.

I have worked with a spectrum of companies. Some were established, while others were startups. 

I am a strong believer in stepping outside of my comfort zone, and I strive to show it in my work. My portfolio demonstrates clean, essential elements as well as designs that have challenged me outside minimalist style. After all, if you don’t challenge yourself, how can you be sure you’ve learned anything?

A range of social media artists, marketing firms, personal experiences and mentors have inspired me over the years. Their influence motivates me to embrace growth in future projects.

Now I start my new path at Pineapple Mortgage, where I hope to grow my skills and grow my relationship with my new team.  

New Brokers

Alex Koo
Andrii Opalko
Katelyn Sanderson

Jason Boucher

Mazyar Yahyapour