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Pineapple Market Update

Become a more informed mortgage broker alongside our CEO, Shubha Dasgupta. Get timely information on the housing market, mortgage industry and the Canadian economy so you can serve your clients better!



If you were unable to tune in for our Market Update live, watch the recording above.
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In this Market Update our CEO Shubha Dasgupta shares information on the most updated market. He shares the quote short term pain for long term gain! He provides an update on interest rates and the percentage of what’s happening in the market, in regards to insured, insurable, uninsurable, and rental properties. He speaks on interest rates and how it will affect clients now and in the future and how you can use this to your advantage.

He shares that the adjustments and expectations for buyers are still pushing through, and the speed of sales are higher than expected. Additional information was shared about the market across Canada and what is happening in various provinces regarding the rise and fall in real estate sale prices and the fact that it isn’t the same across multiple provinces. He ends the call by sharing the importance of mortgages and how agents can help home buyers by providing various solutions that can benefit agents.

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