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1-Year Anniversary Follow-Up

Dear (Client Name),

Happy Anniversary on the purchase of your home! It has been officially one year since closing, and I wanted to see how things have been going with your new home. I hope you were able to get settled in quickly and are loving it!

If there is anything I can help you with, please do not hesitate to reach out. I enjoyed working with you and would love to extend that offer to the rest of your community if the need arises. Please pass along my contact information to anyone who could use my services or would like a quick market update. I would be honoured to help your friends and family out in any way possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you all the best this year,


Content Ideas To Accent Your Emails

1. Detailed market update. Your Pineapple brokers receive a weekly market update on real estate stats, mortgage stats, and opportunities. Don’t be afraid to reach out for the latest you can use to provide value to your clients. 

2. Mortgage information. Clients are always looking for the latest products that can help them reach their goals. We can provide you with details on any of the following information you may need:

  1. Porting a mortgage to a new property
  2. Reverse mortgage to buy a new property
  3. Purchase plus improvement mortgages
  4. Equity take out option to help fund a down payment
  5. Construction loans
  6. Private second mortgage options
  7. HELOC options

3. Recommendations and contact details for the following:

  1. Local plumber, roofer, electrician
  2. Local driveway repair
  3. Local painting service, drywall repair
  4. Local surveyor 

4. Local bylaws regarding:

  1. Fencing
  2. Installing a pool
  3. Adding a retaining wall
  4. Restrictive covenants, Rights of way