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Engaged Capital

Did you know that Engaged Capital is an exclusive private lending solution to agents in Pineapple? Our primary focus is delivering fast, reliable private lending options to our agents at a very reasonable cost.



What are the Benefits of working with Engaged Capital?

  • Highly experienced group of managers servicing each mortgage investment transaction
  • Money is not pooled but connected to a single mortgage.
  • A constant flow of qualified mortgages
  • Short 1-year term loans to minimize risk
  • Every borrower goes through a strict underwriting process to ensure they have the ability to repay the loan and who have marketable property
  • Clear Exit strategy
  • Monthly interest distributions
  • $50,000 minimum
  • Legal ownership of that mortgage
  • Fully managed by Engaged Capital Administration Team, including all associated costs.
  • Utilization of specialized software to enable tracking of each mortgage

How Does Engaged Capital Minimize Risk and Maximize Returns?

  • Professional due diligence
  • Full transparency on every asset
  • Short one-year investments
  • Monthly dividend payout
  • Focus on capital preservation
  • Managed and Enforced

Through our established relationship with the mortgage broker channel and decades of experience in Mortgage sales, underwriting and risk management, Engaged Capital Inc (ECI). is able to offer its investors the opportunity to invest in qualified mortgages with maximum returns.

Professional Due Diligence and Underwriting

The role of a mortgage underwriter entails working alongside the mortgage broker or agent to ensure that the borrower is not overextending their budget. To approve or deny a loan, the underwriters at Engaged Capital create an in-depth analysis of the loan package to determine if the potential borrower presents an appropriate amount of risk. Our mortgage underwriters will further assess the risks to both the borrower and the lender thereby reviewing risks from all perspectives.

Full Transparency

The firm prides itself on following fundamental lending strategies that have demonstrably minimized capital loss to investors. Through full transparency into each asset, ECIEngaged Capital Inc. ensures the highest level of protection for its investors.

Short Term Loans

To reduce risk we offer short one-year loan terms.

Monthly Interest Payments

Interest payments are directly deposited into your account on the 15th of every month (or the next business day). Monthly investor statements are sent on the 15th of every month with a portfolio overview, so clients can easily keep track of their investments.

Capital Preservation

Our main goal is to protect our investor funds. Capital preservation has and continues to be the core of Engaged Capital lnc.’s mandate.

Managed and Enforced

Fully managed and enforced through Engaged Capital, including all associated costs. If anything happens to the mortgage and needs legal action, the company’s lawyers will handle everything for you. Engaged is also registered on the mortgage charge, so if the payment bounces from the borrower, the investor will still receive their monthly interest payment.

“Market fluctuation, credit risk and exposure are all elements that we consider when determining the validity of a potential mortgage investment. The exit strategy is a main focus, as we believe getting our clients into the mortgage investment is just the beginning, the true success is getting them out.” Shubha Dasgupta

Lender and Vendor Partner Session: Engaged Capital

President of Engaged Capital, Alma Aquino introduces the 3 pillars of Engaged Capital. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Lending and area matrix
  • Types of Loans/Products that they offer include, purchases, refinances and ETOs
  • Real-life construction deal scenario where she explains the process
  • How you can make money investing with Engaged Capital

How To Submit To Engaged Capital

Designed to provide Network agents access to quick and easy private funds at a low cost, this will allow our agents the ability to better service their clients and also offer solutions that other agents may not have.

We are currently providing 1st and 2nd mortgages:
What we fund: Residential, condos, commercial, and construction 

  • No minimum beacon, No GDS/TDS requirements

What You’ll Learn

Learn how to request a consultation with our internal private lending team and how to submit to them directly within MyPineapple.