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Engaged Capital

Did you know that Engaged Capital is an exclusive private lending solution to agents in Pineapple? Our primary focus is delivering fast, reliable private lending options to our agents at a very reasonable cost.



Let us help you save time from Administration so you can focus on your deals!

We have Pineapple Underwriting with Engaged Capital!

Here’s how:

  • Submit to Pineapple Underwriting
  • Chatter UW it is a Private Deal for Engaged Capital
  • You get full Underwriting Services by Afreen Khan
    • Approval package
    • Communication, follow-ups and updates with your clients
    • Appraisal ordering
    • Docusign
    • Compliance & Payroll

Existing Knowledge Articles

Underwriting Fee Structure:

  • All deals $250,000 and under will be charged a $350 fee for closed and paid files.
  • All deals $250,001 and over will be charged a $500 fee for closed and paid files.

If you have any questions, please contact or

Lender and Vendor Partner Session: Engaged Capital

President of Engaged Capital, Alma Aquino introduces the 3 pillars of Engaged Capital. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Lending and area matrix
  • Types of Loans/Products that they offer include, purchases, refinances and ETOs
  • Real-life construction deal scenario where she explains the process
  • How you can make money investing with Engaged Capital

How To Submit To Engaged Capital

Designed to provide Network agents access to quick and easy private funds at a low cost, this will allow our agents the ability to better service their clients and also offer solutions that other agents may not have.

We are currently providing 1st and 2nd mortgages:
What we fund: Residential, condos, commercial, and construction 

  • No minimum beacon, No GDS/TDS requirements

What You’ll Learn

Learn how to request a consultation with our internal private lending team and how to submit to them directly within MyPineapple.