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Join Our Pineapple Family

The benefits of becoming a Pineapple Mortgage Agent or Broker are seemingly endless!

Watch this video to get a sneak peek into what our culture is like and check out some of the benefits of joining our family below.

Live Training

We believe training isn’t one size fits all. We’ve customized and designed our training model to meet your needs and requirements throughout various stages in your career, whether it be beginning, intermediate or expert.

Pineapple provides live training sessions four days a week and offers training in-person, digitally, and on-demand. We invest $20,000 worth of training in our agents every month because people are the pillars of our business, and your success is our success.

In addition to live training 4 days a week, our new and experienced agents can benefit from Pineapple Mortgage Agent Quadrant. So our agents can jump into this live 9-week program that provides hands-on training to jump-start your career, no matter how much experience you have.

Pineapple Mortgage Agent Quadrant covers:

  • The Power of Communication: Perfecting verbal communication and creating professional written communication which will empower your career
  • MyPineapple: Learn how this tool will play a critical role in your success and learn all the ins and outs
  • Client experience: How to build a client experience from application to renewal
  • Underwriting: Learn documents, guidelines and the basics of underwriting a mortgage
  • Leads: How to build a lead pipeline
  • Your visions of success
  • Habits
  • Gratitude
  • Mental and financial health 
  • Building a business plan 



Our MyPineapple platform is completely automated from lead input, marketing journey customization, daily payroll, deal management and submission to additional business generation.

Since January 2021, Pineapple’s automated data analytics has discovered over $1.9B in mortgage volume opportunities to support our mortgage agents and their clients. Our agents have funded over $400M from this already, which equates to thousands of happy clients that received proactive solutions to problems they didn’t even know existed! Click here to find out more about why you need MyPineapple in your life.


We offer customized marketing journeys that are designed to engage present clients, future
clients, the center of influences, and referral partners to strengthen relationships and cultivate additional business opportunities.

Our email automation provides your borrowers with timely and relevant information and opportunities to ensure they are always in the best mortgage product suited for their needs. Our email metrics speak for themselves!

Averages calculated from Pineapple emails sent to borrowers from January 2021 – September 2021:

Industry Open Rate: 23%  
Industry Click-Through Rate: 6.82%

Pineapple Open Rate: 59% (36% higher than industry average) 
Pineapple Click-Through Rate: 11% (4.18% higher than industry average)

 *Industry averages are calculated based on reporting from Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, and Benchmark Email 2020.

We also provide branded social media content to promote your business and keep you top of mind with your clients and partners.


Our dedicated underwriting specialists provide deal analysis, consultation, review, submission to lender, approval packaging, document collection, fulfillment, and compliance.

With Underwriting you’ll know what’s happening every step of the way with a window into the deal. Our agents have the freedom to use as much or as little as required through various stages of your career.

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We can’t wait for you to join us! Click here to learn more about the Pineapple family.