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Marketing Communications

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Canva Training

In this week’s Sales & Marketing session, our Jr. Graphic Designer, Stefano Cordeiro, will be holding a session about the basic Overview of Canva, which includes the home screen, design page and creating your own social post. He will share where to find our Pineapple branded social templates, along with how to use and export these templates. 

This is a fantastic session for Brokers of all levels!

We encourage you to come to head office for this training so that you can follow along with our Training team and get one-on-one support.

Not sure how to access the office? We’ve got you covered! Click here to access office directions.

Social Media

Are you following us on social yet? If not, click below to access our social profiles and follow:

Instagram – @PineappleMortgage
Instagram – @EmpoweredByPineapple
Facebook – @PineappleMortgage
LinkedIn – @PineappleMortgage

Did you know there are branded social posts available for you to use? You can customize these posts for your needs or download and use them as-is!
Click here to access branded social media post templates on Canva.

We launched our new blog: How To Get Approved For A Mortgage. We’ve prepared some specific social posts for you to use and share on your social media platforms!

Here is some social copy to use:

What’s the first step of the mortgage approval process?

To start the process, simply fill out my online pre-qualification by clicking here (insert pre-qualification link). It will only take you ten minutes!

You will receive an estimated mortgage amount immediately, and I’ll contact you shortly to go over your information and start putting together your pre-approval. 

Learn more about the approval process here in our latest blog.

Pre-Approvals vs. Approvals: What’s The Difference?

Did you know that the information required for a pre-approval is similar to that of an approval but is not the same? A pre-approval does not guarantee your loan or mean you are receiving the best rates and terms. It can, however, lock in a rate for a period of time and give you an idea of how big a mortgage you can afford. 

Learn more about the difference between pre-approvals and approvals in our latest blog.

Email Automation Updates

Did you know, that when you add a Potential Borrower lead into MyPineapple, it flows through an amazing automated journey so your clients get segmented and sent through our custom-built educational and nurturing journey about the mortgage process. Click here to learn more!

On Thursday, June, 16th we sent out email automations – [Important] Opportunities in Rising Rate Environments that was sent to your borrowers and realtors.

View the emails that were sent to your borrowers and realtors and remember to check your activity tab in MyPineapple for any tasks for you to follow up with clients that opened up these emails and would like to know more.

Media and Press Releases

Check out Pineapple in the news below! Feel free to share these articles with your borrowers, realtors, financial partners, friends, and family.

Media Releases

Pineapple to present at Gravitas Security LA Summit

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Christa Mitchell meets with Jim Lang to discuss how PINEAPPLE mortgage company raised $15,000 to benefit youth sports and the MLSE Foundation.

THE MORNING RUSH – Shubha Dasgupta on “Gifted Down Payments and How Do They Work?”

CMP Interview: CEO Offers Mortgage Market Updates

CMP Interview: Federal Budget 2022: Network CEO Reacts

CTV News: What Are Gifted Down Payments And How Do They Work?

Toronto Star: What Do Rising Interest Rates Mean For You?

CMP Magazine: Manoeuvring The Reins Of A Mortgage Space Disruptor

Toronto Star: The Right Mortgage Broker Can Smooth Your Path To Homeownership

Toronto Life: Pineapple Financial Is Empowering Homebuyers Across The Country

Toronto Life: The Pineapple Financial Success Stories You Ought To Know

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Questions for the Marketing Department? Please create and submit a Case in MyPineapple and we will be happy to assist you!