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Mortgage Application: What to Expect

One of the most important stages of getting a mortgage is the application process. Preparation is key and having a good understanding of what to expect will make this process as smooth and simple as possible for you. 

In order to prepare for your mortgage application you should have the following information available:

Personal Information

  • Date of birth
  • SIN
  • Addresses for the past three years 

Employment Information

  • Employer
  • Position/title
  • Compensation type – salaried, hourly, self-employed, etc. 
  • Compensation amount


Where is your downpayment coming from and what other assets do you own? 

Once you provide all this information to your Mortgage Agent using their convenient Online Application, they will be able to provide you with a detailed assessment and then work with you to determine which options best suit your needs. 

Contact your Pineapple Mortgage Agent or Broker for more information on the home-buying process and what else you need to consider when purchasing a property!