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Onboarding Updates

Please join us in welcoming these new brokerages, brokers, and leadership team members to the Pineapple family!



New Leadership Team Members

Alan Quach

Software Engineer

Alan is an intelligent, handsome, funny, all-around great guy with strong computer programming capabilities. With 2 years of experience in software development, he is interested in learning more to become a better developer and contributing to the success of Pineapple.

Eric Cheng

Junior Software Engineer

Eric is an enthusiastic software engineer who focuses on Web and API development.
Eric has end-to-end experience in client-server applications from design, development, unit testing, delivery, analysis, and maintenance to documentation. Eric enjoys building complex and content-rich applications.

Pathik Patel

Software Engineer

Pathik is a full stack developer having 5+ years of experience working on Microsoft stack. Pathik has a Bachelors in computer applications and a Masters in business administration. His major experience is working on Windows applications, Asp.Net web forms, MVC, Web Api and Asp.Net core.

New Brokerages

Limitless Solutions Financial Group Inc.

Principal Broker: David Rhodd
Brokerage License: #13207
Check out their website here

The Founder and Principal Broker, David Rhodd, worked in the Mechanical Engineering industry for over a decade prior to transitioning to a career in Real Estate Investing and Mortgages, where he has now operated for almost 10 years.

He is also the author of House Rich Cash Poor No More and believes arranging a mortgage is one of the largest transactions that intersects with one’s future financial goals.

The Brokerage, Limitless Solutions Financial Group was created in 2008, and now has an experienced, diverse team of Mortgage Agents who close dozens of deals each year, but more importantly, support and align with the vision of helping all of their clients to reach financial freedom.

David understands that financial decisions can at times be complex layered with legalities and high emotions, and is passionate about guiding individuals, and making it a seamless process.

David Rhodd resides in Brampton with his family and enjoys all things tech advancing, fast cars, violent movies and great Thai food.