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What Is The Pineapple Counsellors Program?

How Do I Enroll In The Pineapple Counsellor Program?

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Meet Our Counsellors

The Pineapple Counsellors program pairs senior mortgage experts with brand new agents, just starting out. The Counsellors will be working with their agents more closely than conventional mentorship, providing them with training, oversight, and a collaborative structure that ensures more than just questions are answered but skills are built. Check out our Counsellors below and click to learn more about why they’re excited about this program, the benefits you receive as an agent, and more!

Peter Ricketts

Peter believes that every client deserves the best care and…
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Jamie Sylvester

Jamie is a Mortgage Agent who shows care and empathy when…
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Serice Lee

Serice Lee is a former banker with more than 20 years of experience…
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Peter Weil

There’s not a rock Peter won’t turn over or an option he won’t…
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Jeffrey Kioussis

Jeffrey is a family man turned from the world of special events to mortgage pro…
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Don Chen

Don is a Mortgage Professional who focuses on providing education and a high level of…
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Marlon Yee

Marlon is a Mortgage Professional and Financial Advisor with over 10 years…
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