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Pineapple Juice & Training Info

Pineapple Juice is our very own online training platform that reinvents learning and enablement at Pineapple. Stay up-to-date on this month’s training schedule, recordings, and upcoming training!

Training Department Announcements

Holiday Announcement:

This week is a short week due to the Easter long weekend. Friday, April 15th is a stat holiday and there will be no Market Update this week. We look forward to seeing you back the following Friday, April 22nd.

Enjoy your Easter-long weekend!

Pineapple Juice – How does it work?

Pineapple Juice creates customized learning journeys for our agents through “trails”. Within each “trail”, the content is broken down into “modules” and then again into bite-sized “units”. For example, the “MyPineapple” trail has a “Leads” module and a “Lead Types and Stages” unit. 

But that’s not all! The more you use the system, the more points you will earn that can be redeemed for rewards – stay tuned for more information!  

Check out the latest trails and modules below – click the images or headers to start learning now!

Friday, April 1st the training team launched another new module:

Lead Generation Strategies – Obtaining Referral Partners

Referrals are the most crucial component of a successful inbound sales strategy. In this module, you will learn how to quickly build a sales pipeline by targeting the number one source of leads – referrals. There are 4 units in this module to show you how to build a system for referral-based marketing by creating a plan, scheduling, and tracking your progress. By the end of the module, you will be able to use the tools Pineapple provides to sustain your referral relations and generate more leads.

Thursday, March 31st the training team launched 1 new module and 1 updated module:

Updated module: Introduction to PineappleDOS

The PineappleDOS team has released an update to the login process which requires you to use two-factor authentication when logging into PineappleDOS. This update provides an extra layer of security and re-confirms your identity. Check out the How to Log In unit to learn about setting up for this update.

PineappleDOS – Documents and Forms

Want to stay organized with all the documents and forms you receive from your clients? Learn how PineappleDOS can help you generate all the documents you need to close your deals. There are three units in this module to show you how to generate documents, how to send documents and how to send a document package for e-signature. By the end of this module, you will be amazed by how much time these tricks can save you and keep you organized.

Training Recordings

Missed last week’s training or want to review it again? Check out the links below to access last week’s recorded training!

Week of April 4th

Lender and Vendor Partner Sessions: EQ Bank – Rizwan Qureshi
MyPineapple Training: Tasks
Sales & Marketing Activities: Pineapple Juice – Workshop
Deals & Underwriting Training: Figuring out Penalties
Market Update: Friday, April 7, 2022

Training Schedule

Week of April 11th

Tuesday, April 12Lender and Vendor Partner Sessions: EQ Bank – Rizwan Qureshi & Praskesh Bector10:00 am-11:00 am EST
Wednesday, April 13Sales & Marketing Activities: How to Deal with Rate-Sensitive Clients – Shubha Dasgupta10:00 am-11:00 am EST
Wednesday, April 13Monthly PineappleDOS Training – Andrew Schultz12:30pm- 2:00pm EST
Thursday, April 14Deals & Underwriting Training: Rate Buy Downs – Emerson Munsayac10:00 am-11:00 am EST