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Pineapple Juice & Training Info

Pineapple Juice is our very own online training platform that reinvents learning and enablement at Pineapple. Stay up-to-date on this month’s training schedule, recordings, and upcoming training!

Training Department Announcements

We have created new Case types in MyPineapple to ease your process when running into DOS inquiries. A friendly reminder that Cases is our support system where we encourage you to submit all inquiries you may have.

You will now see a total of 3 different DOS related cases under the Cases module:
1. DOS Training Inquiries: use this case type if you have a question regarding how to use the DOS system and its features.

2. DOS set up Inquiries: Use this case type if you are a broker-owner or team leader looking into your team’s setup. This is also great for all brokers who are having access limitation issues.

3. DOS Technical Issues: Experiencing a technical error in DOS? Create a case for this and we can help point you in the right direction! 

Pineapple Juice – How does it work?

Pineapple Juice creates customized learning journeys for our agents through “trails”. Within each “trail”, the content is broken down into “modules” and then again into bite-sized “units”. For example, the “MyPineapple” trail has a “Leads” module and a “Lead Types and Stages” unit. 

But that’s not all! The more you use the system, the more points you will earn that can be redeemed for rewards – stay tuned for more information!  

Check out the latest trails and modules below – click the images or headers to start learning now! 

On Thursday, March 23rd the training team launched 2 new modules:

Underwriting Fundamentals – Introduction to Credit Reports

Have you ever felt lost trying to read a credit report? In this module, you will learn what a credit report is, how a credit score is determined, and what this means for your client. By the end of this module, you will be able to decipher the credit report and offer informed mortgage advice to your clients.

Lead generation strategies – Content Writing

Are you sure the content you write delivers the message you intended? In this module, you will learn how to plan, write and edit copies with your unique brand voice for digital marketing. By the end of the module, you will develop skills in becoming an effective content writer.

PineappleDOS – Services

In this module, you will learn how seamless document collection can be with PineappleDOS services. There are three units in this module that explain how to request a credit bureau, bank statements, and CRA documents. By the end of the module, you can request, and download documents using the Services features within PineappleDOS to speed up your document collection process.

Introduction to Social Media Strategies

Social media is the first step to building your digital presence. In this module found in the Pineapple Essentials trail, you will learn how social media can help you build brand awareness, attract high-quality leads, and grow your referral network. There are five units to guide you through the process from identifying your social media voice and goals to building an active online community. By the end of the module, you will feel more confident in building and rolling out your social media strategy.

Underwriting Fundamentals Trail

Underwriting is an important skill every agent should have to recommend the right mortgage product to their client. This trail builds a strong foundation of underwriting knowledge to help you assess, evaluate a mortgage application and meet the lender guidelines.

The release has two modules, Introduction to Underwriting Fundamentals and Underwriting Fundamentals – Mortgage Classifications.

Module 1: Introduction to Underwriting Fundamentals

In this module, you will learn the core underwriting skills needed to be a successful broker, and anticipate what you will be learning in this trail.

Module 2: Underwriting Fundamentals – Mortgage Classifications

In this module, you will learn about the 3 classifications of mortgage products. These classifications define mortgage products, rates and lender guidelines. This is the basic knowledge an agent must have to understand various mortgage products lenders have to offer.

Pineapple-DOS: Lender Submission Module

This training module will educate you on the PineppleDOS – Lender Submission process.

The fourth module PineappleDOS – Lender Submission has two units covering what to include in your lender notes section of a deal, and how to submit directly to the lender using the Lender Submission function in PinaepppleDOS. By the end of this module, you will be educated on how to submit to a lender, add notes and close your deal.

Pineapple Essentials Trail

This trail is a collection of modules that are designed to equip novice agents with the foundation knowledge to advance their study in the PMAQ course and more. The foundation knowledge includes learning about Pineapple systems (MyPineapple, PineappleDOS), developing lead generation strategies, and underwriting skills.

Module 1: Introduction to Pineapple Essentials
Module info: This is a welcome module that will go over what you can expect to learn and why.

Module 2: Lead Generation Strategies – Identifying Client Needs
Module info: Lead generation is the first stage of your business process. This module will offer you tips on how to identify your client needs and help you build a client-centric business.

PineappleDOS Trail

Within the PineappleDOS trail, the first module Introduction to PineappleDOS will help you understand the basics, and acclimate you to the system. By the end of this module, you should be able to able to:

– Log into the system
– Connect your email with the system
– Know where to find additional support when needed

Training Recordings

As there were no training sessions held last week due to March Break, check out the recordings from the prior week’s training on Knowledge.

Lender and Vendor Partner Sessions: MCAP: Patrick Soy, Nicole Cabral & Linda Song
Sales & Marketing Activities: How to Build a Pipeline: FTHB
Deals & Underwriting Training: FTHB Purchase
Market Update – March 25th, 2022

Training Schedule

Tuesday, March 29Lender and Vendor Partner Sessions: First National: Ana Inacio10:00 am-11:00 am EST
Wednesday, March 30Sales & Marketing Activities: How to Deal with Rate-Sensitive Clients10:00 am-11:00 am EST
Thursday, March 31Deals & Underwriting Training: Rate Buy Downs10:00 am-11:00 am EST
Friday, April 1Market Update10:00 am-11:00 am EST