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Pineapple Juice & Training Info

Pineapple Juice is our very own online training platform that reinvents learning and enablement at Pineapple. Stay up-to-date on this month’s training schedule, recordings, and upcoming training!


We are excited to announce that our new Training giveaway dashboard has been added to your MyPineapple agent dashboard! This unique training giveaway dashboard will display on your home screen until December 31st to show you your ranking versus your Pineapple peers for the Horizons + Wild Card Award! Don’t see your name on the leaderboard? Better get learning, Pineapplers to obtain ballots and a chance to win a trip to Aruba.

Please note this will be removed on December 31st, and for the time being, you can scroll down to see your regular dashboard appear.

Visit the Horizons + Landing Page!

Upcoming Training

Tuesday, October 4: 10:00 – 11:00 am EST: Lender and Vendor Partner Sessions: 

Home Trust with Inessa Rzisceva – (In-person) – In this Lendor and Vendor session, we have Inessa Rzisceva from Home Trust. Inessa will provide an overview of the products that Home Trust offers. She will focus on products both on their A side and B (Alternative classic side). An explanation will be given about their Special Applications team, Business for Self (BFS), Stand Alone ELV and Equity Line Visa Product. She will highlight how beneficial the service offered by Home Trust can be for clients.

This is a fantastic session for all our agents. Join us if you are seeking more information on ways to help your client.

Tuesday, October 4: 12:30 – 1:00 pm EST: MyPineapple Training with Rhys Musso – (In-person) – In this MyPineapple session, our Training Coordinator Rhys Musso will be discussing how to create email templates, send mass emails and create an email signature. Customizing your email templates to send out to your leads is tremendous and time-saving, and in this session, Rhys will show you how to get this done. In MyPineapple you can also send mass emails to up to 50 recipients at one time. This tool saves time when communicating with a particular group of leads, clients or referral partners. 

Please review our PineappleJuice Module on Creating email templates and sending mass emails, and creating email signatures prior to joining this session: 

Creating Email Templates

Creating an Email Signature

Sending Mass Emails

Wednesday, October 5: Social Media 201: How to Post as a Mortgage Professional – Alex Guo (In-person) – Join us for this week’s Sales & Marketing training session, where our Social Media Specialist, Alex Guo, will discuss how to post as a Mortgage Professional on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Alex will discuss how to post efficiently through carousels and stories and share posts on these social media platforms. 

If you are attending in person, please take along with you; please ensure to take along with you your laptop, charger and a notepad as this will be an enjoyable and interactive session.

Thursday, October 6: Debt consolidation: Case Study: Emerson Munsayac – (In-person) –  Join us live at head office on Thursday for our Deals and Underwriting training which will be done by our VP of Service and Operations, Emerson Munsayac. In this session, Emerson will cover what to do when the value is lower for private scenarios, along with starting 1st mortgage consolidation and private second-only customers.

Friday, October 7: 10:00- 11:00 am EST: Market Update (In-person) – Shubha Dasgupta – Live at the head office, our CEO Shubha Dasgupta will be sharing with us his wise words of wisdom. Are you looking for predictions for this quarter? Are you looking for talking points to discuss with your clients? Shubha will provide us with a rate update and an industry update with the critical information that has occurred over the previous month. 

Check out the latest trails and modules below – click the images or headers to start learning now!

Pineapple Juice in Review

In this final “Pineapple Juice” module, we will recap all of the information that we learned throughout the entirety of this trail. You will also notice a quiz at the end to assess your knowledge and determine what you have taken out of it to use Pineapple Juice functionality to the fullest!

Compliance in Ontario

Last week we launched a brand new trail in Pineapple Juice titled “Compliance in Ontario.” Compliance is a mandatory component of running a business as a mortgage professional, and as always, Pineapple is here to support you in understanding the requirements to succeed. Check out our first module, “Introduction to Compliance,” to understand what compliance is and an overview of what’s to come throughout our newest trail in the upcoming weeks and months

Pineapple Juice in MyPineapple

Did you know you can access Pineapple Juice training from your MyPineapple dashboard?! In this module, we’ll learn how to access Pineapple Juice training from your MyPineapple account. This will provide you with the update-to-date module releases and the option to complete your learning in MyPineapple. In this module, we will also learn about features such as updating your MyPineapple and Pineapple Juice profile images with one easy step. Take some time to learn how to use Pineapple Juice to help you stay on top of your game in potentially winning the upcoming trip to Aruba!

MyPineapple App

Learn about how to start managing client relationships on the go with the brand new MyPineapple mobile app, which is up and running for all Android and IOS devices. This unit will show you how to download the MyPineapple mobile app on our smartphones running on Android or IOS platforms. Follow this unit to start downloading, Pineapplers!

Activity Tab

Learn about how to plan your daily business activities using the Activity Tab in MyPineapple for leads and deals. This module will show you four types of activities the Activity Tab can help you to plan and keep track of all the communication in your sales pipeline. There are five units in this module that go through elements of the Activity Tab; how to log a call; how to add a new event; how to add a new task; how to send an email. By using these features, you are able to always stay on top of your daily business practice as a mortgage broker. What are you waiting for, Pineappler? Start learning today!

Training Recordings:

  Lender and Vendor Partner Sessions: MCAP

Google Workspace: Rhys Musso

Sales & Marketing Activities: D.I.S.C Training Part 1

Deals & Underwriting Training: Porting and Blending Mortgages when Buying – 

Market Update – Shubha Dasgupta