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Pineapple Market Update

Become a more informed mortgage broker alongside our CEO, Shubha Dasgupta. Get timely information on the housing market, mortgage industry and the Canadian economy so you can serve your clients better!



If you were unable to tune in for our Market Update live, watch the recording above.
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Our CEO Shubah Dasgupta, shares information on the most updated market in this Market Update. He shares the quote: “It’s not about timing the market; it’s time in the market!” He explains the updates on interest rates and the percentage of what’s happening in the market regarding insured, insurable, uninsurable, and rental. He explains what is happening in the market regarding debt ratio, appraisals, equity take-out, etc. A few alternatives that agents should consider regarding lenders for clients and the different available options are reviewed.

He further explains that guidance from agents is necessary because it prepares buyers for what is to come and creates value for potential buyers. He elaborates on the decrease in consumer confidence and how it’s influencing the market. Helping clients navigate the options and solutions that are available is highly beneficial in today’s market.

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