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Pineapple Market Update

Become a more informed mortgage broker alongside our CEO, Shubha Dasgupta. Get timely information on the housing market, mortgage industry and the Canadian economy so you can serve your clients better!




Our CEO Shubha Dasgupta takes us through the weekly market update in this training session. Shubha starts the meeting with rate updates for Prime and Alt Lenders. He highlights the rate percentage for insure, insurable, uninsured and rental. He shares rates projection and the percentage of bank predictions compared to the Bank of Canada. With that said, trigger rates are another concern. The possible impact this might have on borrowers with the possible rate hike is one to consider.

This means that agents should review files, use trigger rate calculation and learn the trigger rate policy of banks to have an intro discussion with clients. Many Lenders are also tightening up their policies to ensure they don’t make any mistakes. Regardless of this happening, the need for agents to give guidance to clients by answering clients’ questions is essential. He highlights that positioning yourself when talking to clients will provide comfort and trust.

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