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  • The Doc Portal is an absolute stroke of genius! It is so easy to use, not just for me but more importantly for my clients! The required documentation is laid out clearly, and once the clients upload the document, it checks it off the system, so there is no scope for duplication or confusion.

    Amisha Moorjani
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • The doc portal built into My Pineapple has helped us make the document collection process with clients so much easier and has helped save us time. I don’t have to sift through a bunch of emails for missing documents. The doc portal will notify me when our clients submit docs. And the best part is we don’t have to constantly remind our clients of the missing documents. They have access to the portal that shows them what is left to submit. Our clients especially love that it is a secured portal!

    Erlene Sylvester
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • I think it comes across as very professional, clients find it easy and it streamlines the process from a collection and labeling perspective. Not only that but sometimes clients provide photos or Jpegs. It will auto convert to PDF this is very useful as some lender will not accept JPEGS so this is a huge time saver and removes an admin task. Pineapple underwriting can also use the portal too so it makes life easier when trying to get a deal approved and then the compliance is easy / to complete as all docs are in order and labeled for payroll.

    Emily Miszk
    Mortgage Agent, The Mortgage Coach
  • The built-in doc portal makes collecting documents very easy from my clients.

    Lisa Pham
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • The Doc Portal built into My Pineapple helps make the documentation collection process so much easier as it helps me to save time by allowing myself, my clients and the underwriter working on the deal the ability to access and upload all deal conditions in one safe and secure place. Also not having to manually create each client folder is a great time saving benefit.

    Camille Baptiste
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • In the My Pineapple system, the built-in Doc Portal is amazing! To be able to have a link set up that is accessible for clients and myself, the ease of sending docs back and forth is wonderful! No more converting photos into PDF, no more getting clients to scan and email. Incredible!

    Dawna Findlay
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • Not only does My Pineapple manage your files, clients, leads and referral partners, it also manages all your document collection to ensure you have uploaded all your information required to submit to the lenders.

    Kimberly Lacroix
    Mortgage Agent, LoanDesk
  • The Doc Portal is a great tool to help with the collection of documents. Clients find it easy to use and it’s great for ensuring all information needed is gathered in a timely manner.

    Enza Falzone
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple