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  • Pineapple is led by a team that understands how the dynamics of the mortgage industry are changing and have taken the right steps to adapt to that new paradigm in a way that lifts both of us up to be the solution of choice for future borrowers. Pineapple provides access to the resources I need to grow my business as Principal Broker and doesn’t come with a cookie-cutter solution for all brokerages. They identify how each brokerage is unique and then focus on the things I need to succeed and continuously adjust that service offering over time to be providing constant value to Mortgauge.

    Alex Leduc
    CEO & Principal Broker, Mortgauge
  • I’m proud to be a Mortgage Agent at Pineapple! They provide a lot of practical training and support to all agents, no matter if you are new or experienced.

    Peggy Chau
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • Big promises, even bigger deliveries. I started my journey at Pineapple 2 years ago and I can honestly say that they have delivered on every promise they made – and then some. Pineapple has an industry changing CRM that has been the centerpoint of my business and has allowed me to scale up quickly. Quit wasting time and bring your talents to the best mortgage company in the industry!

    Adam Stapley
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • I have been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years and I have finally found a brokerage I can call home. The support, tools, CRM, Underwriting team, and daily training are the best in the industry. I am so proud to be a part of this team and it’s incredible leaders and mentors.

    Dawn McDermott
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • As a new agent, Pineapple has been a great place to start my career. It was very important to me that I found a brokerage that offered me great training and support. I feel very fortunate that I found them.

    Jacqueline Ryan
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • Fantastic firm to work for. Great leadership from top management as they truly believe in each agent that’s a part of Pineapple. The integration of Salesforce by Pineapple has been a game-changer for my mortgage practice as it empowers me to service clients to the highest of standards.

    Amit Mistry
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • From brand new agents to seasoned professionals, you will find value at Pineapple, the tools, support and professionalism will help increase your productivity.

    Dan Seaton
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • All the mentorship and training an agent or broker could dream of. A great team to work with and proud to be a part of the Pineapple family!

    Jeffrey Kioussis
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • I joined Pineapple in 2019 solely for the CRM system. This system was amazing, it kept track of everything for me. Little did I know it’s full capabilities, I have saved so much time using Pineapple’s technologies, AND it helps my clients save money – a win win! It wasn’t until I joined the brokerage that I really and truly learned about the people at this brokerage – the Broker-Owners really care about your success, they give us all of the tools and training we need to get there. My fellow mortgage agents aren’t my competition, they are my accountability partners. Everyone here just wants the best for you!

    Hannah Stojanovski
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • Pineapple is an amazing organization to be a part of. I have been in the mortgage industry for 10 years now and it can be a very lonely place. But at Pineapple

    there is nothing but genuine love, support, mentorship and training. If you want to hit the next level in your career this organization will help you achieve this. My business has grown exponentially with their advice, training and technology! These guys keep pouring money into constantly evolving and building tools to help their agents achieve even more. This is what you want and need in your business. Change is here!

    Marlon Yee
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • This is by far the best brokerage I have ever been a part of, it has literally changed my life!!!!

    Peter Ricketts
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • I am a seasoned mortgage agent and Pineapple is the 3rd mortgage brokerage I have been a part of. This is definitely the best brokerage I have joined! You get amazing on-going training and support. You get access to advanced technology to help you manage your clients and your business. Lastly, it is led by a very knowledgeable and experienced management team! I definitely recommend this brokerage to other agents and brokers. 🙂

    Paulo Frencillo
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple