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  • Email marketing (those sent to clients and realtors) has been tremendously helpful in driving leads via tasks. A client who has not yet decided what they want to do received the OSFI changes email and clicked on the link, which generated a task for me. I am now in the process of discussing with them, and hopefully this change will give my clients the push to finally decide to purchase that rental property they have been thinking of purchasing.

    Amisha Moorjani
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • As a newer agent, email marketing has helped drive leads to me. Previously, we had to create emails to constantly be top of mind. However, the email campaigns have provided me the opportunities to have conversations with my clients without typing a sentence. My most successful campaign so far has been the First Time Buyers Journey. I work with many first time buyers who aren’t quite ready. This allows them to go through the journey on their own time. And when they are ready they are driven back to me!

    Erlene Sylvester
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • How does the email marketing sent to my clients assist me with consistent leads? I can attest to the fact that I was able to double my volume during 2020 through many leads from the multiple campaigns set up by Pineapple. For example, clients who otherwise might not think about refinancing their equity in their homes, responded and I was able to  easily earn another $75,000 than I would have not earned during 2020. The email marketing awakened clients to the possibilities that existed for them during this tough time of COVID lockdowns. This is Marketing that does not cost me money, just creativity and follow through.

    Rick Brushett
    Mortgage Agent, The Mortgage Coach
  • Yes, Pineapple’s marketing initiatives do help drive leads. It helps me around the clock when I’m busy with a million other things. Keeps me connected and in touch with all of my leads.

    Lisa Pham
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • The Mortgage info tailored to you and Interest Rates May Be on the Rise email campaigns are some of the many marketing emails that have helped to drive leads to me via tasks. I am truly grateful for this support from our marketing team.

    Camille Baptiste
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • Does email marketing help drive leads to me via tasks? Absolutely. Pineapple’s mortgage management app is like that big sister, watching what I am doing, what I have done, and sends that task reminder of an opportunity just when I or my clients need it the most.

    Thanna Leah Marques
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • Pineapple has been doing email marketing automatically to my clients and realtors and other referral sources. I know that every time there is a blast, I get bombarded with emails back from clients and realtors for more info. I know that week I have to block a lot of time to talk to everyone and get applications in!

    Dawna Findlay
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • I have a smaller database as I am a newer agent. So the marketing often goes to clients who have JUST funded… what I do love about it though is it acts as a touch point. Offering very valuable and up to date information that I would not otherwise be able to manage/create as I see my strength as connecting with people, placing mortgages and helping partners. Writing is a huge weakness of mine but our CRM and the content makes me look like I am good at this which is incredible and it is timely.

    Emily Miszk
    Mortgage Agent, The Mortgage Coach
  • Email marketing helps drive leads through Pineapple’s mortgage management app by creating touch points and a reason to contact a person. The tasks created show who is interested in the content and gives you that nudge to make the follow up call keeping you top of mind. The recent campaign talking about the proposed OSFI changes have triggered over 60 leads to contact for me.

    Jamie Sylvester
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • With the help of Pineapple’s marketing department, not only does their social media initiatives attract a larger potential client base but it saves me a lot of time and effort in creating material. This time saved helps me service my clients to the best of my ability.

    Amit Mistry
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • Pineapple’s marketing initiatives help my business. They are timely, and relevant for the specific group of people they are going to. I always receive a positive response from them – and most times new business!

    Hannah Stojanovski
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • Marketing and social media is more than the odd post or irrelevant information for the sake of putting something out there. There’s always value with a call to action.

    Asif Kasim
    Principal Broker, Integrity Tree Financial