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  • Pineapple has the best culture and the best coaching and guidance, not just by senior management but also by other agents within the entire family of Pineapple and its sub-brokerages! This is a never-before-seen culture, and is surely something the entire industry (and other industries) should aspire to follow!

    Amisha Moorjani
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • Having come from another brokerage as a licensed assistant, you can’t compare the culture to Pineapple. It is one of the reasons I decided to be an agent instead of staying as an assistant. The mentorship & the training is like no other brokerage. I’ve heard that once a brokerage gets to a certain number of agents that the culture is lost. Well, I gotta say that I’ve yet to see that happen. There is a feeling of family and friendship within the brokerage. Everyone wants to help, encourage and build each other. Everyone is so willing to provide advice and share ideas, from the season agents to the new agents. You can’t get that anywhere else!

    Erlene Sylvester
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • Pineapple culture is superior to other Brokerages I have worked with and for over the years.  The potential training is exhaustive and yet it is appropriate to so many situations in our Mortgage Finance world. All agents whether they are $100 million or $10 million agents in terms of volume have equal access to the amazing technology and advice given by others in the organization. Pineapple culture is one that promotes Competition and Success but also promotes the value of Cooperation and the value and worth of each individual.

    Rick Brushett
    Mortgage Agent, The Mortgage Coach
  • To someone who has never heard of Pineapple, I would describe the culture as second to none. This is really a group of individuals who have come together to not only make the industry better, but each agent better. Truly a team that helps lift each other up.

    Jamie Sylvester
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • Working with an amazing group such as Pineapple you instantly feel inspired. The culture is first and foremost like a family and not just a workplace. The support received from everyone is top-notch and agents don’t look at each other as competition rather as a team of people all trying to reach the same goal. We make things happen at Pineapple.

    Camille Baptiste
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • How would I describe Pineapple? Simply put, we are amazing. If you are looking to develop your business, grow your client base, increase your income, and simply be part of a family, then we are it. The foundation of teamwork, support, and drive are  a huge pillar in your success and are embodied in everything we do at Pineapple.

    Thanna Leah Marques
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • Being a long time mortgage agent in the industry, I have found the Pineapple culture different than anywhere else I have been in years! I find them to be positive, inclusive and supportive of everyone’s success. So many times the brokerages tell a new agent what they offer, such as training, mentorship, tools for technology, etc. But this is truly the first brokerage who has actually delivered on that promise! I go to all of their meetings whether I need to or not simply because I feel so motivated and positive when I leave that session!

    Dawna Findlay
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • Working at Pineapple is a family setting. And almost immediately you begin to feel like you are part of that family.  Everyone welcomes you with a warm embrace.

    Kimberly Lacroix
    Mortgage Agent, LoanDesk
  • The way I would describe the Pineapple culture is welcoming.

    Amit Mistry
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • The Pineapple culture is true TEAMWORK!  As a new agent, the support to help agents succeed is excellent. I am very happy that I chose Pineapple!

    Enza Falzone
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • I would definitely describe the culture as family. That being said, you need to find your people! Reach out there is always someone willing to chat. I’ve made friends for life and when you have that your business is stronger as you have more than one leg to stand on.

    Emily Miszk
    Mortgage Agent, The Mortgage Coach