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RRSP Talking Points And Email Template

Use the content below when communicating with your clients.

Hi (Client First Name),

I hope you’re as excited for the holidays as I am!

I just wanted to connect and remind you that after the holidays, tax season will be fast approaching. And after speaking with our valued mortgage broker (insert agent name) from Pineapple, I wanted to reach out and see if you have any unused RRSP contribution room available? 

Maximizing your RRSP can help you save on taxes this year and receive a higher refund in the spring. That refund can then be used to pay down your mortgage faster, renovate your home to increase the value, contribute to a down payment for another purchase, among other things.

With mortgage interest rates still near historic lows, this presents a great opportunity for you to save money, build wealth and get a head start on your retirement today.

Are you interested in connecting with them to see if this strategy might be right for you?

Kind regards,

(Your Name)

This is by far the best brokerage I have ever been a part of, it has literally changed my life!!!!

Peter Ricketts
Mortgage Agent, Pineapple