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  • Our experience was fantastic beginning to end. My husband and I were looking for a 2nd mortgage and Alex Lazarov at Pineapple was referred to us through a family member. Alex met with us online and spoke to us about what our best option would be. Within a day we had multiple quotes from him. Compared to other companies the final quote we selected was by far the best. We feel our mortgage agent Alex pulled everything together for us so quickly and professionally and guided us every step of the way. Thank you so much Alex @ Pineapple for making this happen!

    Satisfied Homeowner
  • I had an excellent experience with Donna at Pineapple. She is very knowledgable, patient and takes the time to answer the multitude of questions that someone taking on their first mortgage typically has. Highly recommend!

    Satisfied Homeowner
  • I am very happy with the service I have received from this brokerage. I have been dealing with Don Chen at Pineapple and from start to finish kept me in the loop re: my mortgage renewal. My broker had my best interest and more importantly understood my long-term plan to recommend a product that worked for me. I highly recommend their service.

    Satisfied Homeowner
  • I’ve used Ravi, Mortgage Agent at Pineapple, several times for home purchases and the results are always the same; he cares about his clients, takes time to explain processes and ensures you are making the best decision based on market conditions. Because of this, I will continue to use Ravi for any future purchases and have always recommended him to friends and family who all have had similar feedback. It’s always nice to find someone this professional and honest in such a highly competitive industry!! Thanks Ravi!

    Satisfied Homeowner
  • I am a seasoned Mortgage Agent but yet, when I jump in on random Pineapple Mortgage Agent Quadrant trainings, it is just a “BOOM”. Another golden nugget of improvement- how to be more efficient, underwriting FAQ, process improvement, brainstorming, or my personal favorite sessions that remind us about Gratitude. I consider myself an informal Pineapple and will proudly chat about the Pineapple greatness to anyone who asks.

    Thanna Leah Marques
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • Listen up. I would consider myself a “veteran” of this industry and I have a lot of contacts within it. I chose Pineapple because of their proprietary CRM and the culture (top-notch people, training and industry recognition). I’ve made personal friendships here that will last a lifetime and have started building a team, which I would not have done with any other brokerage. If you’re a mortgage agent, talk to Pineapple. If you’re an end-user mortgage client, you’re in excellent hands.

    Brad Lockey
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • I am a seasoned mortgage agent and Pineapple is the 3rd mortgage brokerage I have been a part of. This is definitely the best brokerage I have joined! You get amazing on-going training and support. You get access to advanced technology to help you manage your clients and your business. Lastly, it is led by a very knowledgeable and experienced management team! I definitely recommend this brokerage to other agents and brokers. 🙂

    Paulo Frencillo
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • Pineapple is an amazing organization to be a part of. I have been in the mortgage industry for 10 years now and it can be a very lonely place. But at Pineapple there is nothing but genuine love, support, mentorship and training. If you want to hit the next level in your career this organization will help you achieve this. My business has grown exponentially with their advice, training and technology! These guys keep pouring money into constantly evolving and building tools to help their agents achieve even more. This is what you want and need in your business. Change is here!

    Marlon Yee
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • I recently completed Pineapple Mortgage Agent Quadrant, and as a new agent it has helped me immensely in how I schedule my daily business. I am able to have a more targeted approach to building my network, I am able to have more meaningful and informed conversations with my contacts, and I now have a proper workflow process in place for all stages of my business and network contacts.

    Amisha Moorjani
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • Learn from the best with the industry’s top-notch technology and leaders. Joining the Pineapple family will be the best decision you make as you begin an exciting career as a Mortgage Agent.

    Kimberly Lacroix
    Mortgage Agent, LoanDesk
  • All of the training sessions held by Pineapple benefit me and keep me up to date. Being a new agent, the Success Path, sales and marketing and deals and underwriting training sessions have helped me the most.

    Camille Baptiste
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple
  • This is the brokerage to be in especially if you are a new mortgage agent. Or even if you are a seasoned agent that wants to get to the next level. The training is second to none. They encourage you and make sure you succeed. The environment is also very professional but fun! Make sure to check them out.

    Erlene Sylvester
    Mortgage Agent, Pineapple