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Underwriting Updates

Pineapple works with over 40 lenders plus the big banks. Get lender updates, rate announcements, and more from our dedicated Underwriting Department.

PurView Discount Still Available

The discount field will be available from within the eStore which means subscribers can top-up 50 reports with their credit card and apply their discount code directly within Purview. Once the transaction is completed their additional reports will be available immediately.

For direction on how to top up and view your dashboard, please refer to the following video.

Pineapple Rate Sheet

Click here to access the current rates.

Did you know that there’s a new GROUP called 

Lender Promos and Policy Updates in MyPineapple that has live feed updates of Lender Promos and Policy changes?  

We’ll always keep you up to date weekly here in the Squeeze with the best promos we’ve received, but you can also find a running list right on MyPineapple.

Policy Updates


We have seen some amazing traction this week….thank you for your support.  It is greatly appreciated. 

If you have a new deal closing by June 30th, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate that quick close and would need it pushed into July.

Current SLA is 

  • 48 to 72 hours on new submissions ( the cleaner the submission, the quicker the turnaround 😊 Also, please advise of any COF
  • 72 hours on document review
  • 72 hours on preapps, please note we do not do preapps for Stated income and/or CMHC Enhanced…we also add 20 bps as a preapp premium



Please find enclosed our 2022-06-10 parameters and restful mortgage season contest overview. THANK YOU for your continuous support and collaboration!

What’s new?

  • Refinance conventional owner-occupied mortgage $750,000 and over as low as[1] – applicable to new applications submitted on or after 2022-06-10 – subject to eligibility[1]
  • 5 year closed fixed 4.59%[1]  commission paying 110 bps
  • 5 year reduced variable P – 0.60%[1]  commission paying 110 bps
  • 5 year protected variable P – 0.40%[1]  // ceiling (payment) rate 4.94%[1]  commission paying 110 bps
  • 40 month closed promo 4.29%[1]  commission paying 75 bps – must fund prior to July 31, 2022
  • Versatile line of credit with linked mortgages P + 0.35%[1]
  • Refinance cashback promo up to $1,200[1]
  • Compare our Mortgages | Desjardins

General information:

  • All conventional mortgage financing must qualify based on stress test, 25 year amortization, ratios 32 GDS : 42 TDS and internal risk score. Highest Equifax FICO determines pricing parameters.
  • Submission: both Expert agent & submission agent fields must reflect an accredited Desjardins mortgage broker channel intermediary partner.


  • Submit via Filogix/Velocity and email documentation, at the onset of submission, to .
  • Don’t forget to include the electronic signature authentication certificate issued by an approved digital signature platform (SignLive, M3Sign, OneSpan, E-Z-Sign, Authentisign@, Dotloop and DocuSign). 
  • Please ensure documentation matches the following parameters in order to avoid an auto-decline by the admissibility team. Here is an example of how documentation should be sent :  

Project 1 PDF file that includes the following and labelled “project_Filogix Expert application #”

  • Filogix or Desjardins Consent Form + all documents related to the subject property + proof of down payment. If the down payment is a gift we require our Gift letter signed by all parties and donor’s source of funds (90 day history).
  • Don’t forget to include the electronic signature authentication certificate issued by an approved digital signature platform (SignLive, M3Sign, OneSpan, E-Z-Sign, Authentisign@, Dotloop and DocuSign). 
  • Please refer to page 19 of the operational procedures guide // mortgage broker toolkit for down payment parameters.

Income 1 PDF per borrower that includes the following and labelled “borrower name_Filogix Expert application #”

Real estate property 1 PDF per property that includes the following and labelled “property_insert address_Filogix Expert application #”

  • All documents related to this property (mortgage and/or heloc statements, leases and/or tenant acknowledgments, tax bill, …)
  • If applicable, please refer to page 17-18 of the operational procedures guide // mortgage broker toolkit for owner-occupied and rental property income parameters.

Contacting the mortgage underwriting centre team:

  • For all emergencies, please contact or if you have any questions, please consult our reference sheet for a list of departments supporting our channel. 
  • Documentation: email and include the following in your email subject line “add. docs Filogix Expert application # + borrower first and last name”.
  • Status update: email all inquiries pertaining to a status update, prioritization and/or communication to the mortgage underwriting centre team.
  • Resubmission: all changes/modifications (rate/term/product, closing date, mortgage financing amount, amortization, purchase price, appraised value, debt payouts/closures etc.) require a resubmission via Filogix/Velocity. 

Application granted (mortgage broker complete):

  • When you receive the above-mentioned email, your file is good-to-go and mortgage broker complete. Thereafter, Caisse Desjardins Ontario – Virtual Banking team will fulfill the virtual meeting and solicitor instructions. All files must be broker complete 10 days prior to closing date.

Managing your mortgage:

Kindly refer to this reference sheet for a list of departments supporting our channel. 

All files are subject to eligibility, satisfactory underwriting due diligence and legal/conforming zoning. The mortgage underwriting centre will review and determine eligibility. All files must be broker complete 10 days prior to closing date.As a reminder, please do not send documents for mortgage applications directly to BDMs, please email . Protecting your clients’ personal information is important to us.


To: All Brokers

As previously announced, the federal government has recently introduced new consumer protection requirements that will take effect on June 30, 2022. 

Last month, we launched updates to TD processes in accordance with these new requirements. These updates included the requirement for an Appropriate Product Assessment Form, designed to capture the key discussion points to help ensure an appropriate TD Product is recommended to the customer.

What Brokers need to know

  • Attached are training materials to help you better understand the regulatory requirements and updates to TD processes as a result. This material will also be added to the TDMS Portal for future reference.
  • Training sessions are available as needed by reaching out to your dedicated Regional or Inside Sales Manager.

Additional Information

  • Additional Prohibited Conduct, Complaints Handling, and Whistleblower requirements and guidance will be shared later this month.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to strengthening our customer relationships.


Please note we have increased our 5 year Fix Rates due to recent increase in the 5 Year bond yield

  • Did you know about CMLS Uninsured 5 Year ARM 30 Year Amortization available  on Purchase & Refinance Currently @ P-0.50 Paying 100BPS ( Minimum Credit score 680 all App)
  • Max GDS/TDS 39%/42%
  • LOC Payments for qualifying based, HELOC payment calculated at approved limit and BOC rate amortized over 25 years, Unsecured LOC payment calculated at 3% of outstanding balance
  • Occupancy: Owner Occupied, Second Home, and Vacation Property (Type A four season with all year access)
  • No use of rental addbacks or spreadsheet,
  • No Specialty Programs: No New to Canada program, No Flex Down,
  • Did you Know about CMLS 5 Year ARM Special (standard policy) available on Purchase & Transfer ( HR & Insurable only regular product):
  • HR & Up 65% LTV: P-0.95% Paying125BPS 
  • 65.01% LTV to 80% LTV:  P-0.75% Paying 125BPS
  • Remember that a property purchased for under $1 million is eligible for Insurable pricing on straight transfer still, provided the purchase price is less than 1 Million post November 2016 ( Doesn’t matter how many time after purchase the property was refinanced ) –  and a property that was purchased prior to November 2016 (even if they paid over a mil) could still be Insurable!


Quick Snapshot of the Rates                 LTV                  Fixed           ARM

Insured Purchase/Transfer                    Up to 95%      4.89%              P-0.90%

Insurable Purch/Transfer                       Up to 65%      4.89%              P-0.90%

                                                                  65.01- 70%     5.04%            P-0.75%

                                                                  70.01-75%      5.09%            P-0.55%

                                                                  75.01-80%      5.09%            P-0.55%

5 year Compensation is 115 BPS upfront comp

First National:

  • New Business Only
  • Full Compensation
  • Up to 30 year amortization
  • Maximum LTV 80%
  • 120 day commitment period
  • Minimum Beacon 680
  • Maximum GDS/TDS 39%/44%
  • Owner-occupied only (Second Homes not available)
  • Pre-Approvals not available
  • Major Urban and Urban areas only (please refer to sliding scale of General Guidelines)
  • Some restrictions apply to properties in Alberta and Saskatchewan (please contact your Account Manager)

* This offer is for a limited time only and may be withdrawn at any time without notice, certain restrictions may apply

Essential Tutorial Videos

Lead Management and Exceptions

Emerson discusses Managing Leads. He explains the importance of entering information into MyPineapple, the difference between a deal and a lead and why it is important to be able to differentiate the two. He shares that developing trust, getting to know your lead, and asking relevant questions are vital when building a relationship with clients. Making promises, utilizing tasks, due dates, and creating a next touch point is essential and will result in a missed opportunity if not followed through.

What You’ll Learn

  • The difference between a deal and a lead.
  • Why it’s important to get to know your lead when building a relationship with clients.
  • Utilizing tasks, due dates, and creating a next touch point.

Pineapple Rate Sheet

Emerson discusses the Pineapple Rate Sheet going through the sheet in detail and shares that it is always best for an agent to do what is best for clients.He goes through He explains . He shares He He ends the call by answering questions. Please refer to the related tab of this article to access the slide deck.

What You’ll Learn

  • What an insured rate is and what it entails.
  • Details about insurable rates and the criteria under which these rates are assessed.
  • The max LTV percentage that lenders adhere to was also reviewed.
  • Further explanation on uninsurable rates and how risky it is for lenders.

Debt Consolidations: HELOCs

Emerson takes us through Debt Consolidation: Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).

What You’ll Learn

  • What a HELOC consists of
  • Questions you should ask your clients when discussing HELOCs

The New Underwriting Process

Emerson shares a high-level overview of the updated underwriting process. 

What You’ll Learn

  • The new 9 step process for submitting your deal.
  • The importance of having your docs before submitting them to underwriting.
  • The new timelines that have been implemented into the Underwriting Process.

Utilizing Equity In Your Home

Emerson takes us through utilizing the equity in your home. Equity is the difference between the value of your home and how much you owe on your mortgage.

What You’ll Learn

  • There are two ways to build equity, the first is paying down the mortgage and the second is an increase in the property’s value.
  • How to use the equity in your home. He then goes through a real-life case study.

Mortgage Switch / Transfers

Emerson Munsayac takes us through Switches ve Transfers. He kicks off the meeting by explaining that a switch/transfer is when a client decides to move their mortgage from one lender to another.

What You’ll Learn

  • The difference between a mortgage switch and transfer.
  • How to utilize the calculators within our PineappleDOS system