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Underwriting Updates

Pineapple works with over 40 lenders plus the big banks. Get lender updates, rate announcements, and more from our dedicated Underwriting Department.

Pineapple Rate Sheet

Click here to access the current rates.

Lender Information

  • Insured and insurable files only, uninsured is coming by the end of Q1.
  • BFS traditional low doc stated income and the BFS “predictable” or “simplified” program for newer BFS clients (We will be doing a 15 min presentation next Wednesday on this program).
  • The rental worksheet is used in all scenarios for non-subject rental income. We allow up to 8 properties in a portfolio (primary residence, secondary/vacation home and 6 rentals).
  • PPI we can go up to and beyond 100K improvements AND do it in up to 3 draws (this is huge to inform your realtor partners).
  • Income flexibility (common sense!!) – covid issues? Let’s find a way using 3-4 year averages or end-of-year pay stubs etc.. probation, contract income, hourly non-guaranteed we want to help.
  • DP Flex down available for non-traditional sources – gifts can come from a non-immediate family member as well using the “flex down” approach.
  • CCB, we use 100% and the kids can be up to 15yrs old at the time of closing.
  • Clients can pay their own taxes on any file regardless of LTV.
  • Transfers – standard charge or collateral charge we treat the same for now meaning no fee switch. With best rates and no reduction in compensation to you. (We also try and AVM all properties).
  • Bridge financing is available.
  • 18-month maternity leave? We will use 100% of the salary with a return to work letter.

Change to Sliding Scale – click the link for more details.

Essential Tutorial Videos

How Underwriting Can Help Your Business

Emerson provides us with an overview of the Underwriting Department and how the team can help you better manage your business. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Everyone’s responsibility in the underwriting process – the agents, the lender, the underwriting team
  • How to submit a consultation request to the underwriting team in MyPineapple

The New Underwriting Process

Emerson shares a high-level overview of the updated underwriting process. 

What You’ll Learn

  • The new 9 step process for submitting your deal
  • The importance of having your docs before submitting them to underwriting
  • The new timelines that have been implemented into the Underwriting Process 

Deals & Underwriting: Doc Portal

Emerson Munsayac takes us through the Doc Portal and all of the amazing features that it comes with.

What You’ll Learn

  • How the Doc Portal can help improve your business. 
  • How it will not only save you time but help you be more efficient
  • How to efficiently use the Doc Portal from both an agent and client perspective