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The Benefits of Using Alternative Mortgage Lenders

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What's On Our Blog?

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How And When To Lock In Your Mortgage Rate

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What's On Our Blog?

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Debunking Misconceptions About Home Buying And Mortgages With Pineapple

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Empowered by Pineapple

Data-Driven Tech Is At The Core

Support, training, and culture are all tied together through data-driven technology, enabling you to project the future, plan ahead, and accelerate your business growth.

Are you a broker owner? We have the tools to help your team thrive. Get more info.

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Invested In You

Why Join Pineapple

Discover what it's like to be fully aligned with a team that is focused on creating value for you and your clients.

We NEVER lock you in a contract.

Same-day pay with 1-day ETF.

Direct access to over 90 prime and alternative lenders and 200 private lenders.

Access to ALL lenders no matter your volume through pools and submission agents.

Transition support on all our tools and systems so there are minimal disruptions to your business and you can hit the ground running.

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Get More

Success Plus So Much More

Reach more than just your monetary goals. Achieve a higher level of success that allows you to enjoy a fulfilling and healthier career and lifestyle.

Mentorship and personal development programs

Networking and relationship growth opportunities

Flexibility and more time

Reward recognition with quality incentives

Fun, positive, motivative culture

Pineapple Difference

Work With Us

Pineapple understands what brokers need and it shows.


Tasks auto-generated for our brokers in 2022.


All-inclusive trips for two to Aruba awarded to recognize our top-producers.


Hours of live broker/agent training in 2022.


Automated emails sent on behalf of our brokers in 2022.

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Broker Testimonial

"We Feel Lucky To Have You"

“I think the commitment to agent growth is probably the number one factor that's different here than any other brokerage. I feel the Pineapple consensus is ‘we're lucky to have you here’. When I think of other brokerages, it's more like ‘you're lucky to have us’ ” - Lezah Ursomarzo, Mortgage Broker

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Data-Driven Technology

The System Of Success

Awaken and supercharge your business with a system that integrates all your needs into one platform.

Project and plan ahead. Our reporting tools track your business and forecast where it’s headed.

Increase your productivity exponentially. Data-driven technology that finds opportunities while you sleep.

Say goodbye to extra work. An innovative system that streamlines your documents, communications, and deal info in one spot.

Get a better work-life balance. Data-driven technology that saves you valuable time and gives you more flexibility to do the stuff you love.

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Pineapple Training

Keep Learning And Earning

Get the most value with a mix of live and on-demand learning that you can utilize on your own schedule at your own pace.

Success from day one. An introductory business planning and skills development course taught by our CEO

Stay sharp with 24/7 access. The only online continuous learning platform in the industry.

Be the go-to resource. Live training weekly on market changes, the latest products, case studies, and opportunities.

Get answers when you need them. The largest online database of mortgage information in the industry is available at your fingertips.

Pineapple Gives You More

Same Day Pay!

That’s right, we pay 100% of all funds received by all of our lender partners, no-hidden cost, and it is paid out the same day it’s received.

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Done For You

The More Efficient Way

Focus on building relationships with your clients and closing more deals while we take care of burdensome tasks for you.

Never run out of leads. Email campaigns deliver the right message at the right time to your audience.

Focus on your pipeline. Rely on our Underwriting team to take care of the deal conditions, closing and compliance for you. (Free underwriting for new industry agents)

Be top of mind every day. Ready-made social assets, blogs, and email campaigns designed by the biggest marketing and videography team in the industry.

Seize every opportunity. Do deals across Canada, get commercial real estate support, access to a full suite of insurance products and exclusive private lending services.

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Our Culture

Inclusive. Collaborative. Dynamic.

Join a network of like-minded people who care about the same things: our clients, our community, our happiness and our success.

Achieve success at a faster rate. A collaborative team on your side with your best interests at heart.

Feel seen and heard. A diverse network of agents who go out of their way to ensure everyone is included.

Feel at home. A family culture where you never feel like just a number.

Give back and make a real difference. Get involved in our monthly charitable events.

Why Join Us?

Here’s What Brokers, Owners, And Lenders Say About Pineapple

“Partnering with Pineapple was the right choice because of their vision allows us to sell more and focus on making sure as agents are as supported.It has helped us grow faster.”

Asif Kasim, President and CEO of Integrity Tree Financial (Brokerage in the Pineapple Network) Toronto, ON

“I am a seasoned Mortgage Agent. Through Pineapple training I have learned how to be more efficient, how to improve my processes, how to brainstorm, and how to show gratitude.”

Thanna Leah Marques, Mortgage Agent, PineappleToronto, ON

"I have been in the mortgage industry for 10 years now. At Pineapple there is nothing but genuine love, support, mentorship and training. If you want to hit the next level in your career this organization will help you achieve this."

Marlon Yee, Mortgage Agent, PineappleMarkham, ON

“Pineapple supercharged my professional career. I’m still in shock at the place I am in right now. I am so thankful for the people around me and the resources I have in my hand that I can access whenever I can.”

Eric Kim, Mortgage Agent, PineappleToronto, ON
Resources and Guides

Check Out Our Blog

See the Pineapple experience. Always informative, our resources are designed to educate and support.

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04 Aug 2022

Unexpected Costs To Consider When Buying A Home

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22 Oct 2021

How To Prepare For A Mortgage Renewal


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