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Embracing Technology

We live—and move—in a digital age full of online opportunities. Pineapple works with the freshest tech to easily access your information and connect anywhere, anytime.

Let Our Tech Do The Work For You

Pineapple’s intuitive mortgage management system and suite of cutting-edge platforms makes your life easier. It lets you access all of the information you need on clear and convenient platforms.  

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MyPineapple app

Say Hi, Tech

  • Gain full visibility and insights on deals
  • Keep up to date on your client relationships
  • Leverage data analytics and in-house underwriting
  • Save time with automated email marketing and data reporting
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The intelligent features of MyPineapple are at your disposal and easy to access. Find out more about how they can help you with the heavy lifting and lighten up (and brighten!) your day.

Learn more about MyPineapple

When it comes to training, the company’s owners are very hands on and always make themselves available.

Adam Stapley
Mortgage Agent, Pineapple